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Featured Collection: Co-infections

This collection discusses what is really known about co-infections, with sub-collections on particular topics.

Featured Collection: Organoids in Domestic Animals

This collection explores the emerging field of organoids in livestock species and outlines the future directions of this state-of-the-art research.


Vincent Béringue, INRAE, France

Aims and Scope

Veterinary Research is an open access journal that publishes high quality and novel research and review articles focusing on all aspects of infectious diseases and host-pathogen interaction in animals.



Thematic series
Organoids in Domestic Animals
Edited by: Dr Bertrand Pain


Thematic series
Edited by: Prof Marcelo Gottschalk


Retrospective collection
How our research is shaping policy

Cross journal collection
Contribution of climate change to the spread of infectious diseases


Thematic series
2nd International Symposium on Alternatives to Antibiotics
Edited by: Dr Cyril G. Gay, Prof Marcelo Gottschalk, Prof Freddy Haesebrouck and Dr Jayne Hope


Thematic series
Viruses infecting fish
Edited by: Prof Alexandra Adams, Dr Carlos P. Dopazo


Thematic series
Modeling Johne's disease: from the inside out
Edited by: Dr Ad Koets, Prof Yrjo Grohn

Cross journal collection
From farm to plate - make food safe


Cross journal collection
Reviewer acknowledgements 2013


Review series
Circulation of zoonosis and parasitosis in the Indian Ocean
Edited by: Dr Ronan Jambou


Cross journal collection
Open Access Africa: Showcasing African research


Review series
Pathogens and Immune Responses of Fish and Reptiles
Edited by: Prof Gael Kurath, Prof Alexandra Adams

Editors' profiles

Vincent Béringue

Stéphane Biacchesi
Associate Editor

Tina S. Dalgaard
Associate Editor

Pauline Ezanno
Associate Editor

Marie Galloux
Associate Editor

Marcelo Gottschalk
Associate Editor

Freddy Haesebrouck
Associate Editor

Frank Katzer
Associate Editor

Tom McNeilly
Associate Editor

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