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Featured Collection: Co-infections

This collection on co-infections in animals is made up of the sub-collections below.

Respiratory diseases of swine: co-infections and multifactorial aspects

It is well known that many pathogens are able to cause infections at the lower respiratory tract, and it is true that a cooperation among some of these pathogens may significantly increase damage and mortality. Click here to read review articles on this topic.

Co-infections responsible for cattle respiratory diseases

We are building a series of articles on bovine respiratory and systemic diseases.

Co-infections in chickens

We invite papers on co-infections in poultry.

Immunology of co-infections

We are calling for papers on the immunology or immunological outcomes of co-infections.

The importance of co-pathogens: Examples from multiparasitism, prion strains, virus, bacteria

We are seeking papers on the importance of co-pathogens with examples from multiparasitism, prion strains, virus, bacteria.