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Table 2 Classification performance of RF model for the top 25 variables. Confusion matrix for the RF model trained with the top 25-predictor variables selected after variable importance analysis, estimated by averaging the results over ten repetitions of 10-fold cross-validation. Standard deviations are given in parenthesis *

From: What variables are important in predicting bovine viral diarrhea virus? A random forest approach

   BVDV-negative BVDV-positive
Predicted BVDV-negative 114.55 (6.8) 2.8 (0.20)
BVDV-positive 53.95 (6.8) 4.7 (0.20)
  1. *Performance metrics: ACC: 67.75 (Sd. 3.69); SPE: 67.98 (Sd. 3.85) and SEN: 62.26 (Sd. 3.33).