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Table 1 Morphological and biochemical characteristics of F. columnare (adapted from[1, 3, 1012])

From: Columnaris disease in fish: a review with emphasis on bacterium-host interactions

Characteristic Description
Growth condition Strictly aerobic
Gram-stain Gram-negative
Morphology Long, slender gliding rods of 4 to 10 μm and 0.3 to 0.5 μm wide. In aging cultures spheroplasts may occur
Capsule Described to be absent [10] or present [11] depending on the adopted strain
Congo red absorption Present due to an extracellular galactosamine glycan in the mucus and the production of flexirubin-type pigments
H2S-production Present
Degradation of crystalline cellulose Absent
Degradation of complex acidic polysaccharides of connective tissue Present