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Table 1 Applications of flavivirus capsid proteins

From: Structure and function of capsid protein in flavivirus infection and its applications in the development of vaccines and therapeutics

Proteins Viruses Virus strains Application types References
EDIII and C DENV Hawaii (DENV-1)
New Guinea C (DENV-2)
H-87 (DENV-3)
H241 (DENV-4)
DENV-2 A15
DENV-2 SB8553/S16803
Subunit vaccine [123, 124]
DENV-1 Jamaica (AF42564)
DENV-2 SB8553
DENV-3 (FJ882576)
DENV-4 (AF326573)
Vaccine [125]
DENV-2 A-15 strain
DENV-2 SB8553
DENV-2 Jamaica
Vaccine [126]
C Hawaii (DENV-1)
New Guinea C (DENV-2)
H-87 (DENV-3)
H241 (DENV-4)
DENV-2 SB8553
Vaccine [127]
Four serotypes Antiviral agent [128]
C JEV Wild-type and 9798A mutant of JEV AT31 Antiviral agent [92]
Wild-type and L17A/CSmt JEVs Pathogenesis of JEV infection [117]
C WNV WNV NY99 Live vaccine candidates [110]
C TMUV DTMUV WR strain DNA vaccine [129]
CQW1 strain Target therapeutic [130]
C-prM-E ZIKV PRVABC59 Virus-like particle vaccines [131]
C FSS13025 strain Live-attenuated vaccine [132]
VSV-C   PRVABC59 strain Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV)-based vaccine [102]