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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: The lipopolysaccharide outer core transferase genes pcgD and hptE contribute differently to the virulence of Pasteurella multocida in ducks

Strains or plasmids Description Source
 pMC-Express A broad host-range shuttle vector derived from pMIDG100, sodC promoter, Cmr [27]
 pRE112 sacB mobRP4 R6K ori Cmr [26]
 pCZ51 pRE112-ΔpcgD This work
 pCZ53 pRE112-ΔhptE This work
 pCZ54 Insertion of complete pcgD into pMC-Express This work
 pCZ56 Insertion of complete hptE into pMC-Express This work
 SM10 λ pir E. coli thi thr-1 leu6 proA2 his-4 arg E2 lacY1 galK2, ara14xyl5 supE44, λ pir [43]
 ATCC25922 E. coli, quality control strain for antibiotic sensitivity test ATCC
 PM0818 P. multocida 0818, Wild-type and virulent, LPS genotype L1 [10]
 PMZ1 PM0818 ΔpcgD::kanR This work
 PMZ3 PM0818 ΔhptE::kanR This work