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Table 3 Mean and SE of estimated Imax sigmoidal model parameters for fAUC/MIC and fT > MIC of TYL against MICs in S. delphini

From: Evaluating a tylosin dosage regimen for treatment of Staphylococcus delphini infection in mink (Neovison vison): a pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic approach

Parameters fAUCpo,0−24 h/MIC (h) fT>MIC (h)
 Mean 4.15 5.05
 SE 0.09 0.15
 Mean 48.95 12.06
 SE 1.66 0.15
 Mean 10.47 10.43
 SE 0.02 0.01
 Mean 1.75 3.50
 SE 0.08 0.14
AIC −57.8 −29.4
R2 0.9997 0.997
  1. Imax (Log10 transformation of bacterial concentration (CFU/mL)) is magnitude of the maximal effect of TYL, the index50 is magnitude of the PKPD index (fAUCpo,0−24 h/MIC (h) or fT > MIC (h)) that achieves 50% of the maximal effect, E0 (Log10 transformation of bacterial concentration (CFU/mL)) is maximum effect in the absence of antimicrobial (obtained from control group), and gamma (γ) is the sigmoidicity factor, reflecting the steepness of the relationship. AIC is Akaike’s information criterion, with lower AIC indicating better fit of data to the model. R2 is the coefficient of determination, indicating the amount of variation explained by the model.