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Table 1 Score system to evaluate hepatic gross lesions in sheep

From: Efficacy of a multivalent vaccine against Fasciola hepatica infection in sheep

Score Gross pathology
0 Absolutely no pathology evident, liver normal colour, consistency, and no visible signs of fluke lesions
1 Small areas of scar tissue and lesions, < 5% of the liver affected
2 Moderate areas of scar tissue and lesions, occurring in 5–10% of the liver
3 Moderate areas of scar tissue, thickening of bile ducts, small to moderate areas of necrosis, pus, 10-20% of liver affected
4 Moderate to large areas of scar tissue, thickened bile ducts evident. Moderate areas of necrosis, pus, haemorrhage, 20-30% of liver affected
5 Large areas of scar tissue, thickened bile ducts. Multiple necrotic foci, pus, haemorrhage, severe degeneration and > 30% of the total liver affected