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Table 1 Details of trials for Australian Merino sheep genotyped for this study

From: A novel technique for retrospective genetic analysis of the response to vaccination or infection using cell-free DNA from archived sheep serum and plasma

CompanySiteYear of trialNumber of sheep genotypedAge of sheep
CSIROArmidale, New South Wales20114Lambs
CSIROArmidale, New South Wales201230Lambs
CSIRONew South Wales201227Yearlings
CSIRONew South Wales201320Ewes
VHRArmidale, New South Wales201236Lambs
VHRDundee, New South Wales201228Yearlings
VHRKingston, New South Wales201225Yearlings
VHRDundee, New South Wales201324Ewes
VHRKingston, New South Wales201330Ewes