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Table 8 Details of immunological diagnosis in wild meerkat.

From: Diagnosis of tuberculosis in wildlife: a systematic review

Assay test N/E nSe + nSp Antigens Se (%) Sp (%) References
MAPIA N ND M. bovis antigens* 90 48 [9]
BovidTB STAT-PAK N ND ESAT-6, CFP-10, MPB83 43 85 [9]
  1. MAPIA: multiantigenimmunoprint assay; BovidTB STAT-PAK: lateral flow test (Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Inc., USA); N/E: natural or experimental infection; nSe: number of TB positive animals used for evaluation of Se; nSp: number of TB negative animals used for evaluation of Sp; Se: sensitivity; Sp: specificity; ND: not defined, Se and Sp were estimated based on Bayesian analysis (absence of gold standard).
  2. aESAT-6, CFP-10, MPB59, MPB64, MPB70, MPB83, the16-kDa protein, the 38-kDa protein, CFP-10/ESAT-6 and the 16 kDa protein/MPB83, bovine PPD and M. bovis culture filtrate.