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Table 3 Amino acids in EtMIC-bc1 protein and in peptide A, D and W that predicted for forming hydrogen-bonds.

From: Specific EtMIC3-binding peptides inhibit Eimeria tenella sporozoites entry into host cells

peptide Hydrophobic amino acids Amino acids for forming hydrogen-bonds in Number of hydrogen-bonds Common amino acids in peptide that contribute for forming hydrogen-bonds between peptides
peptides EtMIC-bc1 protein A and D A and W D and W A, D and W
A A1, L4, L5,
M9, L11, V12
A1, R3, L5, T6
T8, S10, L11, V12
G217, S216, C215, V204, T213, R175, A206, D207, N208, Q145, R229, M172 12 Q145, M172, R175 V204, T213, D207 / R175
D Y2, L7, L10 D1, H3, D4, Y2, T9 M172, R175, A174, D149, F151, Q145, A143 9 Q145, M172, R175 / R175 R175
W W1, V4, A7, W8
L9, L10
D3, V4, H5, K6, A7, E11 V204, R175, T213, D207, E142 6 / V204, T213, D207 R175 R175