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Table 1 Antibodies used for immunofluorescence staining and flow cytometry

From: Isolation and characterization of a new population of nasal surface macrophages and their susceptibility to PRRSV-1 subtype 1 (LV) and subtype 3 (Lena)

Primary antibodiesCloneIsotypeWorking dilutionSupplier
Anti-CD163 mAb2A10/11IgG11:200Bio-rad
Anti-CD163 pAbPolyclonalIgG1:200R&D Systems
Anti-Sn mAb41D3IgG11:50[27]
Anti-Sn mAb26B2IgG2b1:30[29]
Anti-MHCII mAbMSA3IgG2a1:200Kingfisher Biotech
Anti-CD14 mAbMIL2IgG2b1:100[28]
Anti-CD1c mAbL161IgG11:50Biolegend
Anti-cytokeratin mAbAE1/AE3IgG11:50Dako
Anti-vimentin mAbV9IgG11:50Bio-rad
Anti-PRRSV nucleocapsid protein mAb13E2IgG2a1:50[32]
Anti-PCV2 Cap mAb12E12IgG2a1:50[30]
Anti-PRV gB mAb1C11IgG2b1:100[31]
Anti-PRV gD mAb13D12IgG11:50[31]
  1. mAb: monoclonal antibody, pAb: polyclonal antibody.