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Table 5 Animals with discrepancies between clinical signs and pathological observations

From: Clinical, pathological, and laboratory diagnoses of diseases of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena), live stranded on the Dutch and adjacent coasts from 2003 to 2016

Animal Clinical signs Pathology observations
1 Multiple epileptic seizures with loss of control No lesions observed
2 Kidney failure, marked increase in urea, creatinine and sodium values with loss of appetite and vomiting Nephritis, suppurative, focal, acute, mild
Renal medullary calcification, multifocal, mild
3 CNS: Body tremor, forceful difficult expiration
Digestive or CNS: Cramps gastric stasis
Respiratory or CNS: increased breathing frequency
CNS nad. Cornea and brain herpesvirus PCR positive
Digestive: nad
Respiratory: pulmonary oedema (acute agony related)
4 CNS symptoms: hypothermia, disorientated swimming against the wall, laboured breathing with vertical rises above the water to inspire Cerebrum: polioencephalitis, multifocal, mild
5 Kidney failure: marked increase urea, creatinine, sodium, vomiting Kidney: urolithiasis, mild, some protein granules in the collecting ducts
  1. Nad: no abnormalities detected.