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Table 1 Composition of the mixture of coniferous resin acids

From: In-feed resin acids reduce matrix metalloproteinase activity in the ileal mucosa of healthy broilers without inducing major effects on the gut microbiota

Major resin acids w%
Abietic acid 47.30%
Dihydroabietic acid group 1.80%
Dehydroabietic acid 22.60%
Neoabietic acid 0.90%
Dehydrodehydroabietic acid 0.80%
Nordehydroabietc acid
7,9 (11)-abietic acid 5.30%
13-B-7,9 (11)-abietic acid 4.50%
8,12-abietic acid 1.90%
Secodehydroabietic 1
8,15-pimaric acid 1.40%
Pimaric acid 0.50%
Isopimaric acid 3.40%
Sandaracopimaric acid 1.40%
Levopimaric acid
8,15-isopimaradien-18-oic acid
8,15-Pimaradien-18-oic acid n.a.
Palustric acid 6.80%
Abietatetranoic acid n.a.