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TableĀ 3 Summary of prion disease test results from tg66 and tgRM mice inoculated with CWD

From: Transmission studies of chronic wasting disease to transgenic mice overexpressing human prion protein using the RT-QuIC assay

Mouse strain Inoculum RT-QuICa IHCb WBc
Tg66 Elk-2 2/17 0/13 0/11
Tg66 MD-1 0/18 0/8 0/2
Tg66 WTD-1 2/15 0/14 0/3
Tg66 None 0/14 0/6 0/3
TgRM Elk-2 0/14 0/7 0/3
TgRM MD-1 0/13 0/9 0/2
TgRM WTD-1 0/11 0/9 0/3
TgRM None 0/4 0/3 0/1
  1. aThe number of RT-QuIC mice with results significantly different than uninfected controls is shown over the total number of mice screened from the group.
  2. bThe number of mice positive for neuropathology including abnormal prion protein accumulation, spongiform degeneration and astrogliosis over the number tested.
  3. cThe number of mice that were positive for PrPres in brain by immunoblot over the number tested.