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Table 2 Prerequisites and criteria for oral vaccines in dogs

From: Oral vaccination of dogs: a well-studied and undervalued tool for achieving human and dog rabies elimination

Efficacy of the vaccine candidate Direct oral instillation of the vaccine suspension to laboratory dogs
Administration of the vaccine bait to confined dogs
Distribution of the vaccine bait in the field
Safety of the vaccine candidate In the target species (10 times the field dose)
In non-target species (local wild and domestic animals) (10 times the field dose)
In wild rodents (field dose)
In non-human primates (10 times the field dose)
In immunodeficient laboratory animal model (oral, intracerebral, intramuscular routes)
Excretion in the saliva of puppies
Reversion to virulence studies
Bait candidate Preference in owned dogs living in the households within the area (or country) where oral vaccination is to be applied
Preference in ownerless and free-roaming owned dogs