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Table 3 Relative risk of infection in sheep with one or two copies of the TMEM154 E allele

From: First survey on association of TMEM154 and CCR5 variants with serological maedi-visna status of sheep in German flocks

Breed subset Parameters TMEM154 genotypes
EE, EK vs. KK
All Relative risk 2.255
95% CI 1.767–2.878
P value < 0.001
TEX-x Relative risk 3.302
95% CI 1.860–5.862
P value < 0.001
MLS-x Relative risk 1.389
95% CI 0.991–1.945
P value 0.056
  1. CI: confidence interval, TEX-x: purebred and crossbred German Texel sheep, MLS-x: purebred and crossbred Merinoland sheep.