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Figure 5

From: Evaluation of the efficacy of a commercial inactivated genogroup 2b-based porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) vaccine and experimental live genogroup 1b exposure against 2b challenge

Figure 5

PEDV RNA shedding in feces at different days post PEDV G2b challenge (dpc). Pigs were exposed to PEDV at 3 weeks of age (dpv 0) with live PEDV G1b or vaccinated at 3 (dpv 0) and 5 (dpv 14) weeks of age with a commercial inactivated PEDV G2b vaccine. Pigs were challenged with PEDV G2b at 7 weeks of age (dpv 28/dpc 0). A. Mean group log10 PEDV genomic copies per mL of fecal swab suspension ± SEM. Significant different values for a sample type and dpc are indicated by different superscripts (A,B,C). The significance level was set to P < 0.05. There were no significant differences among groups on dpv 0 and 21 and on dpc 0, 8, 11 and 13

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