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Table 2 Isotype control mabs and control pab used in the evaluation of the commercial anti-IL-17A antibodies

From: Enhancing the toolbox to study IL-17A in cattle and sheep

Control antibody used in the intracellular staining (CHO cells) Clone Source Immunogen/host raised in Isotype Antibody conjugation, if present
a N/A Professor Waithaka Mwangi, A & M University, Texas, USA Bovine CD34 construct/rabbit Rabbit IgG None
b, c and d VPM 21 Moredun Border disease virus/mouse Mouse IgG1 None
d VPM22 Moredun Border disease virus/mouse Mouse IgG2b None
  1. The two mabs VPM21 and VPM22 (both MRI, Edinburgh, UK) and control pab (raised against bovine CD34; A & M University, Texas, USA) were derived from non-commercial sources. The hybridoma cell lines were grown in-house to generate mabs that were then adjusted for concentration to match that of the anti-IL-17A mabs listed in Table 1. The antibodies were assigned a code letter in lower case that corresponds with the commercial antibodies listed in Table 1 (denoted by the equivalent uppercase letter) for the intracellular staining protocol followed in “Evaluation of commercial antibodies section”.