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Table 3 Analysis of upstream regulators using IPA

From: Distinct functional enrichment of transcriptional signatures in pigs with high and low IFN-gamma responses after vaccination with a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV)

Upstream regulator High responders Low responders
Activation z-score P value of overlap Activation z-score P value of overlap
TNF −3.4 4.93E-09 −5.9 1.86E-25
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) −3.3 5.27E-10 −6.0 4.09E-32
IL1B −2.8 1.81E-09 −5.2 1.08E-28
NFkB (complex) −2.7 4.98E-08 −4.5 1.32E-15
Mma_DMAG −2.6 2.12E-12 −3.9 6.94E-20
Immunoglobulin −2.5 1.56E-09 n/a n/a
IFNG −2.4 1.28E-06 −4.4 3.36E-20
Salmonella enterica-LPS −2.4 1.66E-08 −3.1 1.61E-12
poly rI:rC-RNA −2.4 2.11E-06 −4.3 1.20E-16
E. coli B5-LPS −2.3 1.53E-07 −4.1 1.33E-16
STAT3 n/a n/a −4.0 1.82E-16
IL1A n/a n/a −3.9 2.49E-22
  1. Data with P value < 0.05 and ¦activation Z-score¦ ≥2 were considered significant. Information related to this table can be complemented by data reported by Additional file 4 which shows target molecules of the whole datasets and associated mechanistic pathway.
  2. Mma_DMAG, 5-O-mycolyl-beta-araf-(1→2)-5-O-mycolyl-alpha-araf-(1→1′)-glycerol [55]; n/a, not applicable (not found in the dataset). The P value of overlap, which indicates possible upstream regulators, represents the significance of the overlap between the dataset genes identified and the known targets of transcriptional regulators. The activation z-score was used to infer the state of activation of upstream regulators based on a comparison with a model that assigns random regulations.