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Table 1 Peptide pools eliciting an increase in IFN-γ production by rectal CD4 + T-cells from EHEC O157:H7 colonised calves

From: Identification of epitopes recognised by mucosal CD4+ T-cell populations from cattle experimentally colonised with Escherichia coli O157:H7

  Calf 401401 Calf 201155 Calf 301156 Calf 201241 Calf 401236 Calf 601334
DRB3 haplotype DRB3*2703 DRB3*1501 DRB3*1001 DRB3*1801 DRB3*1001 DRB3*1201 DRB3*0101 DRB3*0701 DRB3*0101 DRB3*1101 DRB3*14011 DRB3*1101
Peptide pool
EspA3   X     
EspB1    X X   
EspB5      X  
EspD1 X      
EspD5      X  
EspK1      X X
EspK2 X      X
EspK3       X
EspK4    X   X  
EspK5    X   X X
EspK7    X    
EspK8    X    
FliC2   X     
FliC6    X    
Intim1 X X X   X X
Intim2   X X    
Intim4 X      
Intim5 X      X
Intim6 X      
Intim7   X X   X  
Intim8   X     
Intim9    X    
Intim11      X  
Intim12   X     
NleA3    X    
NleA4   X     
NleA6      X  
NleA7      X  
NleA8      X  
NleD1   X     
NleD2   X    X  
NleD3 X X X   X X
NleD4      X  
Stx2c2    X    
Tir6       X
Tir9 X      X