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Table 2 Scoring of lesions in birds infected with Gallibacterium anatis

From: Recombinant proteins from Gallibacterium anatis induces partial protection against heterologous challenge in egg-laying hens

Organ Description Score Protective response
Peritoneum Normal 0 Yes
Mild cloudiness 1  
Moderate cloudiness and serous exudates 2
Moderate cloudiness and serous exudates with fibrin spots 3 No
Complete cloudiness and local fibrinopurulent exudates 4  
Complete cloudiness and diffuse fibrinopurulent exudate 5
Ovary Normal 0 Yes
Mild vascular congestion. No deform follicles 1  
Moderate vascular congestion. Max. one deform follicle 2
Complete vascular congestion and serous exudates with fibrin spots. Deformed follicles 3 No
Complete vascular congestion and fibrinopurulent exudate 4  
Complete vascular congestion, fibrinopurulent exudate and deformed follicles 5
Oviduct Normal 0 Yes
Vascular congestion 1  
Vascular congestion, edema and serous exudates 2
Vascular congestion, edema and local fibrinopurulent exudates 3 No
Vascular congestion, edema and diffuse fibrinopurulent exudates 4  
Vascular congestion, edema, diffuse fibrinopurulent exudates and necrosis 5
  1. 48 h after challenge all birds were euthanized and scoring of lesions was done accordingly. Scores 0, 1 and 2 were regarded as inflammatory reaction without infection and considered as a protective response against infection. Scores 3, 4 and 5 was regarded as inflammation with infection and considered as no protection of the response, i.e., infection had overwhelmed the inflammatory response.