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Table 2 Genbank accession numbers for the nucleotide and protein sequences of sheep IL12RB1, IL17RA, IL17RB and IL23R

From: Variations in IL-23 and IL-25 receptor gene structure, sequence and expression associated with the two disease forms of sheep paratuberculosis

Gene Nucleotide_id Protein_id
IL23R LN868336 CRX77112.1
IL23Rv1 LN868337 CRX77113.1
IL23Rv2 LN868338 CRX77114.1
IL23Rv3 LN868339 CRX77115.1
IL23Rv4 LN868340 CRX77116.1
IL23Rv5 LN868341 CRX77117.1
IL12RB1 LN878970 CUH82712.1
IL12RB1v1 LN878971 CUH82713.1
IL12RB1v2 LN878972 CUH82714.1
IL12RB1v3 LN878973 CUH82715.1
IL12RB1v4 LN878974 CUH82716.1
IL17RA LN878979 CUH82721.1
IL17RB LN878975 CUH82717.1
IL17RBv1 LN878976 CUH82718.1
IL17RBv2 LN878977 CUH82719.1
IL17RBv3 LN878978 CUH82720.1