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Figure 1

From: Apramycin treatment affects selection and spread of a multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli strain able to colonize the human gut in the intestinal microbiota of pigs

Figure 1

Mean counts [log(x + 1) CFU/g] of coliforms. Counts of total coliforms (A), RIF-resistant coliforms (RIF-res) (B), and RIF-GEN-SUL-resistant coliforms (RIF-GEN-SUL-res) (C) in feces of pigs treated with apramycin, feces of untreated pigs and feces of pigs non-treated and non-inoculated (control). The vertical dashed lines indicate the treatment period (days 0–2) and the post treatment window (days 3–10). The horizontal dashed lines indicate the detection limit of the method used (500 CFU/g).

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