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Table 3 Impact of the fourteen highly conserved residues on activity of HSV-1 vhs protein and other nucleases.

From: Roles of nucleic acid substrates and cofactors in the vhs protein activity of pseudorabies virus

Residues corresponding to PrV vhs Corresponding residues
HSV vhs T4 RNase H Human FEN-1
  RNase activity [13] vhs activity [24] eIF4H binding [13]   Mg2+ binding [31, 32] Nuclease /substrate binding [23, 35, 36]   Mg2+ binding [32, 34, 37] Nuclease /substrate binding [33]
D34 D34 + D19 D34
D81 D82 + D71 D86
K95 K96 N K87 N R103 N +
E150 E192 + E130 N N E158
D152 D194 + D132 E160 N
D169 T211 < S153 < T177 N N
D171 D213 + D155 D179 +
D172 T214 D156 N N D180 N N
D173 D215 + D157 D181
D219 D261 < + D200 + D233
P343 P465 N N N N E357 N N
P345 P467 N N N N E359 N N
L352 L474 N N N N K366 N N
W356 W478 N N N N G370 N N
  1. “−” indicates the point mutations lost RNase activity and the ability of Mg2+ or eIF4H binding.
  2. “<” indicates the point mutations partially reduced RNase activity and the ability of Mg2+ binding.
  3. “N” indicates the impact of those residues have not yet been defined.
  4. indicates FEN-1 D181 mutation affects their ability of ribonucleases, but does not affect its ability to bind with the substrate.