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Table 1 Parameter definitions and values for the disease transmission component of the within-herd BVDV simulation model

From: Not all cows are epidemiologically equal: quantifying the risks of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) transmission through cattle movements

  Definition Value Reference
M Calf protected by maternal antibodies - -
S Susceptible animal - -
TI Transiently infected animal - -
PI Persistently infected animal - -
R Recovered or immune animal - -
ω Duration of maternal immunity (days) 183 [52]
P inf Probability of infection (per day) Eq. 2 [53]
β 1 Within-group transmission rate from PI animals (per day) 0.5 [54]
β 2 Within-group transmission rate from TI animals (per day) 0.03 [54]
β 3 Between-group transmission rate from PI animals (per day) 0.1 [54]
γ Recovery period for TI animals (days) 10 [52]
Early gestation (days 1 to 42)   
α e Probability of abortion during early gestation 0.80 [53]
Mid-gestation (days 43 to 150) α
α m Probability of abortion during mid-gestation 0.25 [53]
θ PI Probability giving birth to PI if infected during mid-gestation 0.934 [53]
θ M Probability giving birth to M if infected during mid-gestation 0.033 [53]
θ R Probability giving birth to R if infected during mid-gestation 0.033 [53]
  1. A diagrammatic representation of the model is presented in Figure 3.