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Table 1 Strains used in this study

From: Identification and detection of three new F17 fimbrial variants in Escherichia coli strains isolated from cattle

Bacteria Strain Fimbriae F17-A-like subtype F17-G-like subtype Host Pathology Reference
E. coli 25KH9 F17 F17a-A F17-G1 Calf Diarrhea [6]
S5 F17b-A F17-G2 Lamb Septicaemia [7]
31A F17c-A F17-G2 Calf Septicaemia [8]
111KH86 F17d-A F17-G1 Calf Diarrhea [9]
MHI813 F17e-A F17-G3 Cow No path. [16]
6.0900 F17f-A F17-G2 Calf Diarrhea [17]
CK210 F17 F17a-A F17-G2 Lambs and goats kids Diarrhea [11]
CK377 F17c-A F17-G2
CL114 F17d-A F17-G2
CL394 F17d-A F17-G1
IH11165 GafA GafD Human Cystitis [13]
536 F17-related F17-A 536 F17-G 536 Human Cystitis [18]
P. mirabilis HI4320 Uca UcaA UcaG Human Cystitis [19]
HU1069 UcaA UcaG [20]
B. cereus ATCC14579 Bcp BcpA BcpB Human Numerous [21]