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Table 1 Detection of influenza A virus by RRT-PCR, virus isolation, and immunohistochemistry in Mallards from Ottenby

From: Infected or not: are PCR-positive oropharyngeal swabs indicative of low pathogenic influenza A virus infection in the respiratory tract of Mallard Anas platyrhynchos?

  RRT-PCR (Ct value) Virus isolation Immunohistochemistry
Individual Oropharyngeal Cloacal Oropharyngeal Cloacal Respiratory Gastrointestinal Number of cells
138909 Nega Neg NAb NA Neg Posc Cloacal bursa: 56 cells
138920 33.96 36.91 H4N6 E2d Neg Neg Neg  
138964 36.14 33.7 H5N3 E2d H5N3 E1d Neg Pos Jejunum: 2 sections, 99 cells; Colon: 2 sections, 28 cells
138984 36.21 30.71 H4N6 E1d Neg Neg Pos Cloacal bursa: 2 sections, 62 cells
139211 33.59 29.34 Neg Neg Neg Neg  
  1. aNeg: not detected.
  2. bNA: not analysed.
  3. cPos: detected.
  4. dPassage number, where E1 is the first passage, E2 is the second passage, and E3 is the third passage.