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Figure 5

From: Q fever in pregnant goats: humoral and cellular immune responses

Figure 5

Results of the systemic cytokine mRNA response detected by qPCR. The results show cytokine mRNA levels measured by qPCR in the blood of Coxiella-inoculated goats normalised to SDHA in the period around parturition. The presence of cytokine mRNA in peripheral blood was examined in Coxiella-inoculated goats and in control goats every week post inoculation but no differences were found until the displayed period. Triangles represent the data of individual Coxiella-inoculated goats. The horizontal line represents the mean of the group at that time point. Significant elevation of the systemic mRNA levels between Coxiella-inoculated and control goats is indicated as * for P ≤ 0.05 and ** for P ≤ 0.01.

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