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Table 3 The characteristics of 3c genes of FCoV recovered from various specimens of FIP cats

From: An outbreak of feline infectious peritonitis in a Taiwanese shelter: epidemiologic and molecular evidence for horizontal transmission of a novel type II feline coronavirus

Case no. Genotype of FCoV S gene crossover site Integrity of the 3c geneb
NOC R/F U A/P CSF Li Lu Ki Br Sp Int R/F A/P Li Lu Ki Br Sp
1     II         4250a   intact      
7 II II   II   II II II II II   4250 intact   intact intact intact   intact
8 II I     + II II + - -         
9 II I   II   + II   II II + 4250   G210*     G210* G210*
10       + + II II   II 4250      intact   
11 II II II II + II II II   +   4250     E47*    
12 II II   II II + II II   II + 4250 G210* G210*      
13   I/II    + + + II II +   4250       Q218*  
  1. NOC, nasal/oral/conjunctival swabs; R/F, rectal swabs or fecal samples; A/P, ascites or pleural effusions; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; Li, liver; Lu, lung; Ki, kidney; Br, brain; Sp, spleen; Int, intestine.
  2. +: FCoV positive but the type of virus cannot be determined.
  3. -: FCoV negative.
  4. a: FCoV/NTU2/R/2003; GenBank: DQ160294.
  5. b: E47*, G210* and Q218*: truncated 3c proteins with premature stop codons at amino acids 47, 210 and 218 were found, respectively.