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Figure 9

From: The IL-10 homologue encoded by cyprinid herpesvirus 3 is essential neither for viral replication in vitro nor for virulence in vivo

Figure 9

PCR detection and characterization of CyHV-3 genomes recovered from infected carp. The analyses reported in this figure are the follow-up of the experiment described in Figure 8. Three mock-infected carp (selected randomly before the challenge) and three dead carp from each of the groups infected with the FL BAC Revertant, FL BAC Revertant ORF134 Del and FL BAC Revertant ORF134 Rev strains were dissected. DNA was extracted from the kidney. PCRs were performed with the ORF55InF/ORF55stopR and ORF134InF/ORF134InR pairs of primers (Table 1). FL strain DNA and distilled water were used as positive (Ctrl+) and negative (Ctrl-) controls, respectively.

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