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Figure 8

From: The IL-10 homologue encoded by cyprinid herpesvirus 3 is essential neither for viral replication in vitro nor for virulence in vivo

Figure 8

Cumulative survival rates of common carp infected with CyHV-3 recombinant strains. On day 0, common carp (n = 30 fish per tank), with an average weight of 3.8 g ± 1.5 g (mean ± SD), were mock-inoculated (2 tanks, panel D) or inoculated (panels A-C) by immersion for 2 h in water containing 4 PFU/mL, 40 PFU/mL or 400 PFU/mL of the indicated CyHV-3 strains. On day 42 post-infection (arrow), surviving fish were challenged by addition of two fish infected with the parental FL strain. Percentages of surviving carp are expressed according to days post-infection.

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