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Table 5 Percentage nucleotide similarities between of HA gene of H9N2 viruses isolated from sparrows, chickens and swine

From: Infectivity and transmissibility of H9N2 avian influenza virus in chickens and wild terrestrial birds

H9N2 Viruses isolated from Sparrows Closely related H9N2 viruses in chicken, sparrows and pigs Accession noa % identify
  A/chicken/Guangxi/44/2006 GU722362 99.5
A/chicken/Guangxi/21/2006 GU722360 99.4
A/sparrow/Guangxi/31/2006 A/chicken/Guangxi/55/2005 EU086245 99.3
accession no. GU722366 A/sparrow/Guangxi/11/2005 GU722365 99.4
A/duck/Beijing/31/2005 GQ373068 98.7
A/chicken/Beijing/7/2005 GQ373083 99.1
  A/sparrow/Guangxi/93/2006 GU722368 99.6
A/sparrow/Guangxi/09/2005 A/chicken/Guangxi/521/2005 CY023728 99.6
accession no. GU722364 A/chicken/Guangxi/2441/2004 CY023704 99.3
A/swine/Guangxi/58/2005 EF612742 98.0
  1. aHA nucleotide sequences were retrieved on January 5, 2013 from GenBank influenza virus database.