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Table 1 H. somni strains used in this study

From: The role of lipooligosaccharide phosphorylcholine in colonization and pathogenesis of Histophilus somni in cattle

Strain Source Reference
738 Clonal isolate of 2336 [25]
738P ChoP-positive clonal isolate of 738 [11]
738P+ ChoP-positive clone of 738 This work
738P- ChoP-negative clone of 738 This work
7735 Pneumonic lung isolate A. Potter, Veterinary Infectious Disease Organization. University of Saskatchewan, Canada
7735R Streptomycin resistant clone of 7735 This work
7735 + 1 ChoP+ clone of 7735R This work
7735 + 2 ChoP+ clone of 7735 This work