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Table 1 Parameters of the submodels.

From: Efficiency of spatio-temporal vaccination regimes in wildlife populations under different viral constraints

Symbol Description Value Source/details
T trans Infectious period of transiently infected hosts 1 week [58, 67]
P inf ( i ) Infection probability within/between herds 2.08·10-2 Reversely fitted to the estimated disease spread velocity of approx. 8 km per quarter [20]
P inf ( e )   2.08·10-3  
M Case mortality (subadults, see section "Disease course") (0.0, 0.1, ..., 1.0)  
μ Expectation value of the exponential distribution of life expectancy of lethally infected hosts (1, 2, ..., 10) weeks  
u (a) Bait uptake rates adults/yearlings/piglets 0.33 Piglet uptake rates low to represent difficulties in vaccination of juveniles, younger than 4-5 months [12, 60].
u (y)   0.33  
u (p)   0.05  
  1. For the complete list of parameters see Additional file 1.