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Table 2 Hybridisation design

From: Novel gene expression responses in the ovine abomasal mucosa to infection with the gastric nematode Teladorsagia circumcincta

Experiment Hybridisations (d = days post-challenge)
Expt. 1 Nvd0/Nvd5 Nvd5/Imd5  
Day 5 post-challenge (n = 6) (n = 6)  
Expt. 2 Nvd2/Nvd0 Imd0/Nvd0 Imd2/Imd0
Day 2 post-challenge (n = 5a) (n = 5a) (n = 5a)
  1. Samples in both cDNA hybridisation experiments were paired as indicated with a dye-balanced arrangement (three cy3/cy5 & three cy5/cy3 hybridisations). Nv = "naïve" yearlings, worm naïve prior to challenge; Im = "immune" yearlings, previously infected by trickle infection prior to challenge (see Table 1). Common samples linked the sets of paired hybridisations (Expt 1: Nvd5 samples, Expt. 2: Nvd0 & Imd0 samples). An indirect comparison between the results from all three hybridisations gave the (Nvd2/Nvd0)/(Imd2/Imd0) gene list. aOne chip failed hybridisation QC in Expt 2 and so was removed from the analysis, along with chips linked to it.