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Table 3 Clinically adapted MYXV proteins for treating inflammatory diseases.

From: The current status and future directions of myxoma virus, a master in immune evasion

Gene product Potential clinical use References
Serp-1 Secreted serpin that effectively inhibits vascular inflammatory responses and has been tested in human clinical trials to treat acute coronary syndrome. [122125]
Serp-2 Viral anti-apoptotic serpin effective in animal models but not yet tested in humans. [19]
M-T1 Chemokine inhibitor that reduces the allograft rejection and stabilizes plaque formation during artherosclerosis. [127129]
M-T7 Chemokine inhibitor that attenuates systemic inflammatory responses and inhibits leukocyte infiltration, thus preventing transplant rejection. [126129]
M-T2 TNF/TNFR inhibitor but not yet tested as a potential therapeutic. [28, 30, 129]