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Table 1 Model parameter description and disease input ranges used with supportive references

From: Disease properties, geography, and mitigation strategies in a simulation spread of rinderpest across the United States

  Parameter description Baseline Range Ref.
ι i I infectivity of species i in stage I 0.00000023 N/A [12]
ι i L infectivity of species i in stage L (subclinical) 0.000000115 N/A [8]
ι i C infectivity of species i in stage C (carrier infectivity) 0.000000115 N/A [12]
s 4 s susceptibility of susceptible stage feedlot cattle 5.0 N/A [1921]
s i s susceptibility of animals besides feedlot in stage S 22.5 N/A [21]
r(X) 1/measure of density of animals in county   N/A USDA [1]
a constant of proportion for contact rate 5 N/A N/A
β ij mn transmission rate from type j in stage n to type i in stage m   N/A [6, 17, 18, 21]
r Vs reduced susceptibility of vaccinated susceptible animals 0.5 N/A [2224]
r Ve reduced infectivity of vaccinated quiescent infected animals 0.5 N/A [24, 25]
λ L rate of progression from latent to infectious stage (1/residency time in stage) 1/4.5 days 3-6 [26, 27]
λ C rate of progression from carrier to recovered 1/698.75 days 120-1277.5 [28]
λ I rate of progression from infectious to recovered 1/6 days 4-8 [8, 28]