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Figure 1

From: Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of a Streptococcus suis vaccine composed of six conserved immunogens

Figure 1

taken from animals prime-booster vaccinated with a S. suis bacterin. The pie charts indicate the proportion of the indicated S. suis cps among the experimental infections used for collection of serum samples (A). Recognition of S. suis proteins SSU0934, SSU1869, SSU0757, SSU1950, SSU1664, SSU0187 and SSU0309 through specific IgG present in the indicated sera (B). Detection of serum IgG bound to the indicated antigens coupled to beads was performed using the xMAPr approach [23]. The antigens included in the vaccine recruited significantly more specific IgG in hyperimmune sera and sera post-infection compared to sera of susceptible pigs. SSU0309 is shown as an example of an antigen that did not show these differences. Unpaired Wilcoxon rank sum test (black), paired Wilcoxon rank sum test (brown) p-value: ≤ 0.001 = ***; ≤ 0.01 = **; ≤ 0.05 = *; > 0.05 = NS.

Classification of porcine sera (A) used to characterize immunogens (B) included in the vaccine. Sera pre and post-infection were drawn as indicated within the course of experimental S. suis infections of non‐vaccinated piglets that survived the experiment to the end of the observation period. Animals that developed severe disease and died or had to be euthanized shortly after infection were classified as susceptible. Sera of these animals were collected before infection. Hyperimmune sera were

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