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Table 3 Experimental DNA vaccines against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae tested in mice.

From: Perspectives for improvement of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccines in pigs

Antigen Vaccine type Vector/adjuvant Route Nb of vaccinations Humoral response CMI responsea Other/comments References
P42 DNA pcDNA3 IM 2 IgG, IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3
IgG2a/IgG1 = 1.1)
IFN-γ, Il-2, Il-4 Serum inhibited growth of M. hyopneumoniae [87]
P71 DNA Mycobacterium tuberculosis ESAT-6 gene sequences IM 2 IgG1, IgG2a (higher responses and IgG2a/IgG1 ratio in group with adjuvant) IFN-γ (higher in group with adjuvant), no Il-10   [88]
P36, P46, NrdF, and P97or P97R1 Subunit (cocktail), DNA, combination Subunit: Aluminium pcDNA3 Subunit: SC
1 Subunit, combination: IgG against each antigen
DNA: IgG only against P46
IFN-γ Commercial vaccine: no anti-P97 antibodies [89]
P37, P42,
P46, P95
Subunit (cocktail) and DNA Subunit: Aluminium pcDNA3 IM 2   IFN-γ, lower TNFα and Il-1 Strongest response for P42 and P95 (subunit) and for P46 (DNA) [90]
P46, HSP70, MnuA antigens Subunit (cocktail) and DNA Subunit: Freund’s adjuvant pcDNA3.1 Subunits: IP
3 IgG IFN-γ, Il-10, no Il-4 Mixed response, but predominantly Th1 [91]
  1. IM, Intramuscular; SC, Subcutaneous; IP, intraperitoneal.
  2. aCMI responses were tested by stimulation of splenocytes.