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Table 4 Summary of the experimental conditions of S. suis co-infection with bacterial pathogens using in vivo models

From: Review of the speculative role of co-infections in Streptococcus suis-associated diseases in pigs

S. suis coinfection pathogen Age of animals infected with 1st bacterial spp. Age of animals infected with 2nd bacterial spp. 1st bacteria route of infection 2nd bacteria route of infection 1st bacteria and dose 2nd bacteria and dose Conclusions Refs.
Aerococcus viridans Five-week-old BABL/c mice Five-week-old BABL/c mice IP IP 103 – 108 CFU
S. suis « novel serotype» (no further details on the strain)
103 – 108 CFU
A. viridians
Mortality [137]
Bordetella bronchiseptica Five-day old germ-free piglets Seven-day-old germ-free piglets IN IN 0.5 × 107 CFU
B. bronchiseptica
0.7 × 106 CFU; serotype 2, ST1, different phenotypes Clinical signs [141]
  1. IP: intraperitoneal injection; IN: intranasal inoculation; CFU: colony-forming units; ST: sequence type.