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Table 1 Bacteria and plasmids used in this study

From: Positive regulation of Type III secretion effectors and virulence by RyhB paralogs in Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis

Strain/plasmids Characteristics References
 CMCC(B)50336 Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis wild-type NICPBP, China
ryhB-1mutant ryhB-1 deficient mutant This study
ryhB-2 mutant ryhB-2 deficient mutant This study
ryhB-1/ryhB-2 mutant
ryhB-1/pryhB-1 mutant
ryhB-2/pryhB-2 mutant
ryhB-1/ryhB-2/pryhB-1/pryhB-2 mutant
ryhB-1 and ryhB-2 deficient mutant
ryhB-1 carrying pBR-ryhB-1 (Ampr)
ryhB-2 carrying pACYC-ryhB-2 (Cmr)
ryhB-1/ryhB-2 carrying pBR-ryhB-1 and pACYC-ryhB-2
This study
This study
This study
This study
 pKD3 Cmr; Cm cassette template [34]
 pKD46 Ampr; λ-red recombinase expression [34]
 pCP20 Ampr, Cmr; Flp recombinase expression [34]
 pGEM-T easy Ampr; cloning vector Takara
 pMD19 T-simple
Ampr; cloning vector
pBR322 carrying the entire ryhB-1 nucleotide sequence
pACYC184 carrying the entire ryhB-2 nucleotide sequence
This study
This study
 pJV-300 Ampr; sRNA cloning vector [40]
 pXG-0 Cmr; negative control vector without GFP [40]
 pXG-10SF Cmr; target gene cloning vector with GFP [40]