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Table 4 Calculated PK/PD targets for a bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect, respectively, of TYL against S. delphini

From: Evaluating a tylosin dosage regimen for treatment of Staphylococcus delphini infection in mink (Neovison vison): a pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic approach

  fAUCpo,0–24 h/MIC (h) (fAUCpo,0–24 h/MIC)/24 Scalar fT > MIC (h) fT > MIC (%)
Bstatic Bcidal Bstatic Bcidal Bstatic Bcidal Bcidal
Average 48.91 (± 0.3) 98.72 (± 0.9) 2.04 (± 0.01) 4.11 (± 0.04) 10.30 (± 0.04) 13.20 (± 0.06) 55 (± 0.26)
  1. The value for fAUC po,0–24/MIC (h) presents the required area under the concentration–time curve of TYL over MIC, and fT > MIC (%) is the required duration of serum concentration of TYL above MIC. The PKPD targets were obtained (mean ± SE from an Imax sigmoidal model for predicted bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects corresponding to no change and one Log10 reduction, respectively, of initial bacterial concentration after 24 h. Scalar fAUC/MIC was obtained by dividing the AUC/MIC cutoff by 24 h.