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Table 1 Description of hemolytic activity Riemerella anatipestifer SX mutants

From: Identification of genetic determinants of hemolytic activity of Riemerella anatipestifer using random transposon mutagenesis

Mutants Hemolytic zonesa Description of encoded proteins Locus tag in DSM15868b Gene products
Subcellular locationc Putative conserved domain Function group (COGs)e
M1 almost no hypothetical protein Riean_0373 Outer Membrane d f
M2, M25 almost no hypothetical protein Riean_0790 Outer membrane CarboxypepD_reg
M3, M26 almost no OmpA/MotB domain protein Riean_1027 Outer membrane OmpA_C_like, OmpA COG2885 M
M4 almost no TonB-dependent receptor plug Riean_1561 Outer membrane CirA, OMP_RagA_SusC
M5 reduced greatly hypothetical protein Riean_1374 Cytoplasmic membrane
M6 almost no diacylglycerol kinase catalytic region Riean_0288 Cytoplasmic LCB5, DAGK_cat, DAGKC COG1597 IR
M7, M28 almost no TPR repeat protein Riean_0317 Cytoplasmic TPR_1 COG0790 T
M8 reduced greatly adenylosuccinate lyase Riean_0391 Cytoplasmic PurB, ADSL_C, PRK08937 COG0015 F
M9 almost no Pyruvate dehydrogenase (acetyl-transferring) Riean_0589 Cytoplasmic AcoB,Transket_pyr, Transketolase_C
COG0022 C
M10 almost no Mg chelatase, subunit ChlI Riean_1262 Cytoplasmic YifB, Mg_chelatase, AAA COG0606 O
M11 almost no bacterial translation initiation factor 2 Riean_1302 Cytoplasmic InfB, IF-2, IF2_Eif5B COG0532 J
M12 almost no YicC-like domain-containing protein Riean_1527 Cytoplasmic PRK11820, YicC, YicC_N COG1561 S
M13 almost no riboflavin biosynthesis protein RibD Riean_1661 Cytoplasmic RibD1, RibD_C COG0117 H
M14 almost no ATPase associated with various cellular activities AAA_3 Riean_1768 Cytoplasmic AAA_3, AAA COG0714 R
M15 reduced greatly RelA/SpoT domain protein Riean_1808 Cytoplasmic NT_Rel-Spo_like, RelA_SpoT COG2357FT
M16 almost no RagB/SusD domain protein Riean_0025 Unknown SusD -
M17 reduced greatly alkyl hydroperoxide reductase/thiol specific antioxidant/Mal allergen Riean_0256 Unknown Thioredoxin_8, TrxA COG0450 V
M18, M27, M29, M31 reduced greatly hypothetical protein Riean_0653 Unknown
M19 almost no outer membrane transport energization protein ExbD1 Riean_0932 Unknown ExbD, tolR COG0848 U
M20 almost no hypothetical protein Riean_0968 Unknown
M21, M30 almost no Zn-dependent aminopeptidase Riean_1143 Unknown M1_APN_5 COG2234 O
M22 reduced greatly PSP1 domain protein Riean_1185 Unknown PSP1 COG1774 T
M23 almost no Ferritin Dps family protein Riean_1386 Unknown Dps, Ferritin, PRK09448 COG0783 PV
M24 increased homogentisate 12-dioxygenase Riean_1546 Cytoplasmic HmgA, PLN02658 COG3508 Q
  1. aThe sizes of hemolytic zone of the mutants on duck blood agar were compared to that of the wild strain SX. The mutants that exhibited almost no, very weak or increased hemolytic zones were examined
  2. bGenBank accession No.: CP002346
  3. cSubcellular locations were predicted by the PSORTb v.3.0 server [16]
  4. dNo conserved domain was predicted by Conserved Domain Database (CDD) [24]
  5. eCOG functional categories: (1) Information storage and processing (J: Translation, ribosomal structure and biogenesis); (2) Cellular processes.(M: Cell wall/membrane/envelope biogenesis; O: Post-translational modification, protein turnover, chaperones; T: Signal transduction mechanisms; V: Defense mechanisms; U: Intracellular trafficking,secretion,and vesicular transport); (3) Metabolism: (C:energy production and vonversion;E: Amino acid transport and metabolism; F: Nucleotide transport and metabolism; P: Inorganic ion transport and metabolism; I: lipid metabolism; G: Carbohydrate transport and metabolism; H. Coenzyme transport and metabolism; Q: secondary metabolites biosynthesis,transport and catabolism;). (4) Poorly characterized: (R: General function prediction only; S: function unknown)
  6. f – No related COG