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Table 1 Flavobacterium strains included in this study, their GenBank-accession numbers, isolation sources, and antimicrobial resistance information

From: Comparative genomics of Flavobacterium columnare unveils novel insights in virulence and antimicrobial resistance mechanisms

F. columnare isolate

Accession number

Isolation source

Virulence profileb

Antimicrobial resistance—MIC-valuesc

Flavobacterium columnare ATCC_49512


Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), genomovar I, France

Non-virulent (NV)

No antimicrobial resistance detected

Flavobacterium columnare JIP P11/91a


Trout, genomovar I, France

Highly virulent (HV)

No antimicrobial resistance detected

Flavobacterium columnare 04017018a


Diseased koi carp (Cyprinus carpio), genomovar I, The Netherlands


Oxytetracycline—8 μg/mL

Flavobacterium columnare CDI-Aa


Koi carp, genomovar I, The Netherlands

Low virulent (LV)

Enrofloxacin—1 μg/mL, flumequin—8 μg/mL, oxolinic acid—12 μg/mL

  1. aIndicates the isolates for which whole-genome sequencing was performed in this study.
  2. bResults from Declercq et al. [10, 11].
  3. cResults from Declercq et al. [25].