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Table 4 Risk factors and nasal microbiota members (family level) associated with relative abundance of G. parasuis, expressed as natural logarithm, (P ≤ 0.05) in 51 piglets in 7 Spanish farms using a multivariable linear regression model

From: Variations in association of nasal microbiota with virulent and non-virulent strains of Glaesserella (Haemophilus) parasuis in weaning piglets

FamilyLevelEstimate95% CISt. errorP
Production systemFarrow to finishRefRefRef8.5e−08
Health statusControlRefRefRef0.00514
Glässer’s disease0.800.20–1.400.30
Bacteroidaceae−38.1(−61.3) to (−14.8)11.64.03e−05
Mycoplasmataceae−5.8(−11.2) to (−0.35)2.70.037
  1. Ref: reference.