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Table 3 Reference sequences information of DDX1.

From: DDX1 from Cherry valley duck mediates signaling pathways and anti-NDRV activity

Species GeneBank accession numbers
HomoGallus gallus NP_004930.1
Mus musculus NP_598801.1
Bos taurus NP_001068936.1
Ovis aries XP_004005743.1
Sus scrofa XP_020943481.1
Canis lupus familiaris XP_848865.1
Paralichthys olivaceus XP_019947331.1
Cyprinus carpio XP_018972473.1
Clupea harengus XP_031437706.1
Gallus NP_989894.1
Anas platyrhynchos XP_027311055.1
Columba livia XP_005506907.1
Anser cygnoides XP_013028107.1
Falco cherrug XP_005432942.2
Cherry valley duck MT978184