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Table 1 Design of the animal experiment

From: Fowl adenovirus (FAdV) fiber-based vaccine against inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) provides type-specific protection guided by humoral immunity and regulation of B and T cell response

Group Designation Vaccination Challenge strain (serotype)
I Vaccination-only Fib-8a
II Vaccine/homologous challenge Fib-8a 11–16629 (FAdV-8a)
III Vaccine/heterologous challenge Fib-8a 13–18153 (FAdV-8b)
IV Challenge control FAdV-8a Adjuvant only 11–16629 (FAdV-8a)
V Challenge control FAdV-8b Adjuvant only 13–18153 (FAdV-8b)
VI Negative control a
  1. a Not applicable.