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Table 2 Marker genes in the Pathotyping-PCR.

From: Serotyping and pathotyping of Glaesserella parasuis isolated 2012–2019 in Germany comparing different PCR-based methods

Name Gene Final primer concentration (µM each direction) Panel Marker association (according to Howell et al. [15])
V1 HPS_21058 0.40 II Virulent
V2 HPS_21059 1.37 I Virulent
V3 HPS_21068 1.14 I Carriage
V4 HPS_22970 0.09 I Virulent
V5 HPS_23060 0.19 II Carriage
V6 HPS_23300 0.40 II Carriage
V7 HPS_23505 0.09 I Carriage
V8 HPS_23879 0.19 II BAPS** 4 (virulent)
V9 HPS_23887* 0.52 II Carriage
V10 HPS_22976 0.3 I BAPS** 4 und 5 (virulent)
  1. *Also named HPS_23387 or HPS_22887.
  2. **BAPS Bayesian Population Structure (Howell et al. [11]).