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Table 6 Pharmacokinetic–pharmacodynamic integration of ex vivo data after IM administration of cefquinome (1 mg/kg)

From: Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic integration for optimal dosage of cefquinome against Streptococcus equi subsp. equi in foals

Parameter Mean
Emax (log cfu/mL) 4.39
E0 (log cfu/mL) −6.3
EmaxE0 (log cfu/mL) 10.69
EC50 (log cfu/mL) 119.31
AUC24h/MIC for bacteriostatic activity (h) 113.11
AUC24h/MIC for bactericidal activity (h) 143.14
AUC24h/MIC for bacterial elimination (h) 159.16
Slope (N) 5.02
  1. Emax, difference in number of bacteria (cfu/mL) in blank serum sample between time 0 and 24 h; E0, difference in number of bacteria (cfu/mL) in pooled serum samples between time 0 and 24 h when the detection limit (20 cfu/mL) is reached; EC50, pharmacokinetic–pharmacodynamic parameter of drug that produced 50% of the maximal antibacterial effect; AUC24h/MIC, values required to achieve bacteriostatic, bactericidal and bacterial elimination activity; slope (N), the Hill coefficient that describes the steepness of the curve